Closed groups for staff registered for the Frimley Health In House Academic modules.

You cannot join these courses directly - to access one of these you need to have your facilitator enrol you themselves and let you know.

For any queries please refer to Sandra Walden

Access limited to Matt/Kate Rogers, Paul Wilder, James Fern, Elizabeth Meere and Alison Bartholomew

Welcome to our In-House "Delivering Orthopaedics and Trauma Care in an Acute Setting" module.  The module study guides will give you detail about expectations and assessment criteria - please make sure you are looking at the appropriate guide for the level of study you have chosen.  The program will give you details of dates, times and venues of sessions.  For further details please contact

In-house preparation for Practice Supervisors and Practice Assessors

For further information contact:-

HWPH - Lilly Meere - or Lucy Brooks -

FPH - Alison Bartholomew -