Nursing, Midwifery and AHP Courses run by Clinical Education Team

Please note this area is password protected - please refer to Katheleen Ganzon or Arlene Bautista

Required Elearning course for all new registered nurses. 

Please ensure you are completing the correct workbooks for your clinical speciality, your Senior Sister or Practice Development Nurse will be able to guide you. 

If you do not achieve 100% for the drug calculations you are expected to print your workbook and discuss it with the Senior Sister or Practice Development Nurse to understand your mistakes.  You will not be able to attempt the workbook again for 7 days to allow you time for this discussion and to reflect on this.

Theoretical Part of the Frimley Health Blended Approach IV Course (online and face to face Aug 2020)

The second practical aspect of this course happens on Day 2 with the IVAS and Clinical Education Team. 

This theoretical part of the course will take you 7.5 hours to complete. Please ensure you take regular breaks, whilst working through the course, you can pause any of the videos or lectures at any time.

All components of this online packages must be completed as per instructions within course