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Guidelines App now with covid-19 guidelines

Covid-19 related Trust videos

FHFT version of the Covid-19 Respiratory elearning (approved by IPC & RTT teams)

Version 1.1 updated 03.04.20

For other Covid-19 elearning please refer to the relevant section further down this screen....

The Covid-19 update presentations given in the FPH PGEC Lecture Theatre, usually by the Respiratory Team

Videos, documentation, posters and guides

Includes information and handouts from training sessions, the daily Covid-19 Bulletins, Digital Services etc

Health Education England / Scotland, NICE, Public Health England and other recommended non-FHFT sources

Published literature


Clinical decision support resources


Useful tips

A variety of external elearning packages created about Covid-19

Includes useful education for non-clinical staff as well as the official HEE Covid-19 set of packages that covers over ten areas including Public Health England's PPE, Resources for staff returning to work / being unskilled / being redeployed, End of Life Care, Equipment Quick Guides and much more.

Documents related to staff wellbeing

Resources specifically for Junior Doctors provided by Med Ed